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Letter of Suitability

Letters of Suitability cannot be guaranteed unless they are submitted at least four weeks prior to the event date. Please use the following form to request a letter of suitability (good standing) to travel outside the Diocese of Dallas.

In exceptional circumstances, such as funerals, requests for letters of suitability may be expedited to ensure a swift processing and timely response. Please fill out the form and notify the Chancellor’s Office at the phone number below. 

Select and complete the form below that best fits your requirements. If a priest is unable to access a computer, please call the Chancellor’s Office at (214) 379-2819. 


Discerning Your


Discernment basically means “hearing the call” and trying to figure out where God might be calling you to serve Him. It is a life-long process of growth and listening to how God moves the heart in a new way of service. It begins in one’s heart – but it also involves other people, especially in the Church.

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