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Cultural Diversity

Tolton: From Slave to Priest

The remarkable story of America’s First Black priest.

Tolton is a powerful multi-media live production, filled with music, drama and inspiring performances. It brings a message of hope and healing for the wounds that plague our culture. Join us for one of these performances and be inspired by Father Augustus Tolton’s perseverance and faith.


Diocesan Multicultural Celebration

Unity in Diversity


Join us and experience the vibrant tapestry of cultures at the Diocesan Multicultural Celebration “Unity in Diversity” and celebrate the richness of diversity within our community and immerse yourself in a day of cultural exploration and unity.

  • International Rosary
  • Marian Procession
  • Multicultural Mass with Bishop Greg Kelly
  • International Food Samplings
  • Musical Performances
  • Traditional Attire Encouraged


The Cultural Diversity Office provides resources and services to diocesan offices, ministry leaders, parish personnel, and partner agencies in the area of multicultural ministry within the Diocese of Dallas. The Cultural Diversity Office promotes dialogue, cultural awareness, and understanding among the ethnic/cultural communities in order to help them continue to build up their faith communities and will cultivate among all Catholics a spirit of welcome and belonging.

Group of multi ethnic people posing together, Generative AI illustration

Experience a day of spiritual enrichment with  Deacon Art Miller  as we delve into “A Prophetic Call to Thrive: Envisioning Our Multicultural Church” 

Empower Your Faith

Black Catholics

Join hands with others from across the nation, embracing our shared heritage, writing the vision, and embracing the prophetic call to thrive.


Prayer for

Migrants and Refugees

Lord Jesus, when you multiplied the loaves and fishes, you provided more than food for the body, you offered us the gift of yourself, the gift which satisfies every hunger and quenches every thirst! Your disciples were filled with fear and doubt, but you poured out your love and compassion on the migrant crowd, welcoming them as brothers and sisters.
Lord Jesus, today you call us to welcome the members of God’s family who come to our land to escape oppression, poverty, persecution, violence, and war. Like your disciples, we too are filled with fear and doubt and even suspicion. We build barriers in our hearts and in our minds.
Lord Jesus, help us by your grace, to banish fear from our hearts, that we may embrace each of your children as our own brother and sister; to welcome migrants and refugees with joy and generosity, while responding to their many needs; to realize that you call all people to your holy mountain to learn the ways of peace and justice; to share of our abundance as you spread a banquet before us; to give witness to your love for all people, as we celebrate the many gifts they bring.
We praise you and give you thanks for the family you have called together from so many people. We see in this human family a reflection of the divine unity of the one Most Holy Trinity in whom we make our prayer: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.


Join other Black Catholics and those who minister to Black Catholics in the United States for a celebration of our faith and culture. 


Lenten Reflection

Throughout the Sundays of the Lenten Season, the Interracial Healing Task Force invites each of us look inside ourselves to consider the challenging struggle of achieving racial healing.

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