The Office of Worship serves the pastors and parishes of the Diocese of Dallas, in support of the diocesan Bishop in his role as “the chief steward of the mysteries of God and the overseer, promoter, and guardian of all liturgical life in the particular Church entrusted to his care.”1 This office assists in shaping liturgical and pastoral practices, sacramental life, and in formation of liturgical ministers. 

The Office of Worship is fully responsible for the preparation, support, and implementation of the RCIA process throughout the Diocese. We embrace the diverse cultures of the Diocese, with emphasis on providing appropriate resources.

In addition, the Office of Worship is available to consult and assist in all aspects of planning and implementing worthy liturgical celebrations, and for clergy resource and formation. This Office prepares and coordinates episcopal liturgies and plays a vital role in contributing to the Dallas Ministry Conference. 

Guidelines for Lent

Lent provides us with an opportunity to deepen our faith and connect more profoundly with God. To help you make the most of this season, we have created a comprehensive guide to Lent that includes practical tips, spiritual practices, and reflections to help you grow closer to God.


The Sacrament of Confirmation is a vital step in the journey of faith, where candidates are sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit and are strengthened to be witnesses of Christ in the world.

To ensure that the Confirmation candidates are well-prepared for this important moment, we have created comprehensive guidelines that provide clear instructions on the requirements and expectations for candidates.

Prayer Resources

Whether you’re seeking guidance on how to pray the Rosary, or looking for inspiration to strengthen your daily prayer routin; download our prayer resources here.