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We help ministry leaders to become missionary leaders, who in turn work to foster a culture of mission within each parish.  Dallas is a big diocese, and the only feasible way to impact the thousands of youth and young adults throughout the diocese is to follow the example of The Way.  The master plan for evangelization crafted by Jesus Christ himself was to foster disciples—those who would carry on the efficacy of the God-Man’s legacy—who would in turn cultivate the growth of more disciples.

Intrinsic to every human being’s core need is the person of Jesus Christ.  True missionaries never stop witnessing to that need and the joy that abounds from knowing the person from whom the need exists.  Further, the witness of a missionary is always offered through the lens of the culture and charism of the community served.  Every decision made or project initiated by the Office of Youth, Young Adult, and Campus Ministries, no matter its size or impact, is done through the lens of this mission—to make missionaries.

The mission of the 635 is to provide young adults in the Dallas area, regardless of their faith backgrounds, with an undeniable sense of belonging, a safe space to encounter God, and access to a supportive Christian community.

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