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What if I haven't been to confession for years?

Don't Be Afraid

Jesus said, “Heaven rejoices more for one repentant sinner than for 99 righteous persons who never needed to repent.” The priest will probably be so happy you’ve returned to confession after many years that you will make all the hours he spends in the confessional seem light.

Second, try to prepare with the help of a good examination of conscience sheet. The priest will know that you cannot remember your sins with the precision of someone who came the previous week.

Third, get the largest sins off of your shoulders first.Don’t be afraid to ask the priest for help; most confessors are experts in leading someone in your circumstances through an examination of the “big stuff” in the confessional.

Finally, don’t wait! Come back to be reconciled to your loving Father, set off the celebration in heaven, and share your Father’s joy!

A Guide to the Sacrament of Penance

Find Peace

The Sacrament of Penance offers a pathway to forgiveness, peace, and reconciliation with God. If you have questions or hesitations about this sacrament, we invite you to explore our comprehensive FAQ. Gain insights and understanding that can help you overcome any uncertainties you may have.
Click here to explore our FAQs to the Sacrament of Penance and discover the transformative power of reconciliation.


Every Priest. Every Parish.

March 20 and March 27

Confession available in every church in the Catholic Diocese of Dallas.

Pray for all

Preborn: Embracing the gift of life from its inception, we pray for the unborn, that they may be surrounded by love and safeguarded from harm.

Elderly: Recognizing the wisdom and experience of our seniors, we implore the grace to care for them with dignity, respect, and unwavering love.

People with Disabilities: In solidarity with our differently-abled brethren, we seek strength and compassion to create a world that embraces and supports their unique journeys.

Homeless: With open hearts, we beseech blessings for those without shelter, asking for the provision of safe havens and opportunities for a brighter future.

Migrants: Inspired by the Holy Family’s journey, we pray for migrants, refugees, and displaced individuals, asking for compassion, justice, and hospitality.

Women: Acknowledging the inherent dignity of women, we pray for their empowerment, protection, and flourishing in all aspects of life.

Children: As stewards of the young, we lift our voices for the well-being, education, and joy of children, that they may grow in love and security.

People in Prisons: In humility, we intercede for those incarcerated, seeking redemption, transformation, and the healing of wounds for both the imprisoned and their communities.

The Sick: With hearts full of empathy, we pray for the healing and comfort of the sick, asking for strength for them and their caregivers.