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January 28 - February 3

Celebrating Catholic Schools Week

As we enter Catholic Schools Week, there is an undeniable air of excitement and celebration swirling around our Diocese of Dallas Catholic schools. This year marks yet another milestone, a testament to our unwavering commitment to spiritual formation, academic excellence, and community engagement.

“Although the intellect is important to develop, here within the Diocese, Catholic Schools and Catholic Education allow us to help parents realize the dream that their children will have the social and emotional development that allows the intellect to be applied in a manner which has an impact in the real world. The principles of loving neighbor as oneself, mercy, patience, inclusion, truthfulness, gentleness, self-control are all character traits that are desirous in vocations and careers.”


Celebrating ‘Saints and Scholars’ in our Diocese

With the school year well underway, we celebrate that our Catholic schools continue to witness substantial growth in enrollment. Read the latest stories on the Texas Catholic.


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