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Website St. Gabriel the Archangel Catholic Community

A Community United in the Hope of Christ

About St. Gabriel: Pursuing our bold calling to make missionary disciples
Situated in the growing suburb of McKinney, Texas, we have seen major growth in a short 27-year history (4000+ plus families). Our foundational roots have nurtured a culture of welcome, continuous growth, and shared responsibility, fostering faith within those who have entered our doors. However, as the decline of Christianity ramps in our post-modern world and the human longing for life’s deeper questions go unanswered, we feel compelled to respond boldly to our calling to make missionary disciples. We seek to radically build on our welcoming parish and strong youth and young adult ministry culture and more deliberately invite and lead the young church (and their families) to a personal encounter with Jesus, the response to follow Him, and the intentional practices of discipleship.

Description Overview:
Looking for an opportunity to be part of a movement? Join our dynamic (and fun) staff as a Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministry and be at the forefront of shaping the faith journeys of the next generation. We are seeking a joyous and passionate individual who is rooted in Catholic faith and cares for our young church. Most importantly, we are looking for someone who has a visible, personal relationship with Jesus, as it is through this relationship that we can truly inspire others to embrace the love, mercy, and purpose that only He can provide. This team role includes, but is not limited to, the following: developing and guiding the implementation of a ministry strategy aligned with the parish vision, management of our current youth ministry staff, coordinating our college-age & young adult ministry efforts, overseeing our Confirmation Preparation process, and supporting other staff with our middle and high school programs.

Intended Outcomes:

  • Youth and young adults will form a sense of belonging; Christ-centered friendships will be formed.
  • The Good News will be proclaimed where youth and young adults will be invited to intentionally follow Jesus and taught practical habits to build a personal relationship with God.
  • Youth and young adults will grow curious to understand their Catholic faith and grow to articulate foundational Church teachings.
  • The young church will desire to seek God’s grace through the Sacraments, especially the Eucharist.
  • Youth and young adults will be challenged to explore their talents and purpose in building God’s kingdom in their home and school.
  • Families will be encouraged and empowered with tools to help fulfill their role in forming their child’s faith.

Primary Work:
Visionary Leadership and Youth Staff Management:

  • Develop and implement a Youth and Young Adult Ministry vision and strategy aligned with the parish and wider church under the guidance of the Director of Ministry.
  • Manage, support, and develop the Youth and Young Adult Ministry team through regular team meetings, 1:1 touch-bases, annual goal and performance planning, and ongoing collaboration.

Youth & Young Adult Program Coordination:

  • Ensure systematic and comprehensive programming that nurtures the disciple making process for youth in grades 6-12 (socials, retreat experiences, faith teachings, summer programs, service, mission, etc.)
  • Oversee the development of catechetical scope/sequence for all programming and sacramental preparation, ensuring a systematic and intentional disciple-making approach that integrates head, heart, and hands
  • Further develop and coordinate our college-age and young adult ministries through a volunteer leadership team; develop and implement a comprehensive ministry focused on integrating young adults into parish life
  • Oversee and guide our sponsor/parent-guided Confirmation Preparation process
  • Support other staff in the strategic oversite and coordination of high school youth nights and programming, recruiting and empowering adult volunteers for engaging sessions and ministry events
  • Offer high-level direction and support for staff coordinating middle school youth nights and programming
  • Collaborate with parish leaders and organizations to integrate young people into the broader parish-life including liturgy and justice & service programs

Relational Ministry:

  • Be a visible witness of discipleship for young adults, youth, and families modeled through relational ministry
  • Provide spiritual and pastoral care to young adults, youth, parents, & volunteers through support and prayer
  • Build relationships with parents, answering questions, encouraging, and empowering them to fulfill their role as Catholic parents and the primary teacher of their child’s faith

Administrative & Communication Oversight:

  • Oversee ministry administrative tasks, budget, and calendaring, ensuring compliance with safe environment and operational policies
  • Work with the youth and young adult ministry team to create effective communication and promotional strategies with the young church and their families through various channels
    Other duties as assigned.

Key Knowledge and Skills:
Genuine, Joy-filled Catholic Faith:

  • Personally committed to Jesus and the Catholic faith and confident with public witness/expressions of faith

Leadership, Collaboration, and Administration:

  • Demonstrates leadership talent by providing clear direction, vision, and motivation to others
  • Proficient in prioritizing, delegating tasks, empowering others with support, and providing guidance
  • Manages conflict through active listening, resolving issues calmly, respectfully, and fairly
  • Enjoys collaboration, thrives in a team environment, and willingly supports the parish and staff when needed
  • Detail-oriented and well-organized, capable of managing administrative tasks, budgeting, and record-keeping
  • Pastoral, relatable, and sympathetic across various backgrounds, stages of faith, and ages (youth & adults)

Confident Communicator and Technology Proficiency:

  • Possesses practical knowledge of the Catholic faith, adept in conveying its joy, beauty, and truth
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills, experienced in conveying messages through various mediums, including graphic-driven emails, newsletters, and print
  • Proficient in Microsoft products, with the ability to quickly learn and utilize technology and software
  • Spanish-speaking is a plus

Youth Ministry Expertise:

  • Familiar with adolescent development, youth ministry, and youth culture; adaptable to meet evolving needs
  • Proficient in project and ministry event management
  • Able to work flexible hours, including weekends and evenings, based on programming needs

Required Education and Experience:

  • College degree or post-secondary courses (Theology or ministry courses ideal)
  • Previous youth ministry and/or parish experience

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